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Joseph Fellows - President

"Ceramics have long been a significant and creative part of my world.  I have benefited greatly by many years of work in advanced ceramic research and development, it having provided a wealth of understanding and experience in ceramic processing.  I believe that for ceramics, if something appears to be impossible, then with effort a solution can be found.  Ceramic Theory, and the work done here, is my way to provide a unique and positive contribution to the world of ceramic development and glass design."

Relevant Biography:


· Master of Engineering - Materials Science & Engineering, University of Utah, (2003)

· Bachelor of Science - Materials Science & Engineering, University of Utah, (1998)

Professional Background

· President and Director of Research and Development:  Ceramic Theory, Inc. (November 2017 - present)

· Research Engineer and Project Manager:  Ceramatec, Inc. (2007-2017)

Patent Associations

US  10,000,422 , “Ceramic to Ceramic Joint and Associated Methods”

American Ceramic Society - Current member

Publication Associations

1.  J. Fellows, C. Lewinsohn, "Low Temperature Air Braze Process for Joining Silicon Carbide Components Used in Heat Exchangers, Fusion and Fission Reactors, and other Energy Production and Chemical Synthesis Systems," Cer. Eng. & Sci. Proc., vol. 37 [6], 2016.

2.  C. Lewinsohn, J. Fellows, M. Wilson, “Compact, Ceramic Heat Exchangers and Microchannel Devices: Joining and Integration,” Advances in Science & Technology, 13th International Ceramics Congress – Part B, pp. 148-155 (2014).

3.  C.A. Lewinsohn, M.A. Wilson, J. Fellows, H.S. Anderson, “Fabrication and Joining of Ceramic Compact Heat Exchangers for Process Integration,” Int. J. Appl. Ceram. Technol., vol. 9 [4], pp. 700-711, 2012.

4.  Fellows, J., Anderson, H. S., Cutts, J. N., Lewinsohn, C. A. and Wilson, M. A., “Strength and Permeability of Open-Cell Macro-Porous Silicon Carbide as a Function of Structural Morphologies," Advances in Bioceramics and Porous Ceramics II, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ, USA. (2009)


My work today has been greatly benefited through many years of association in the engineering world with so many people who love ceramics and share the vision of how advanced ceramics can help improve our condition, and make the world an even better place.  I do wish to acknowledge a few individuals especially from previous work who should be noted:

Merrill Wilson - Mechanical Engineer Extraordinaire


Thanks for all those good years.

Dr. Charles Lewinsohn - Dr. of the Prestigious and sometimes Infamous Ceramic Heat Exchanger

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